Sam Woods Performance Psychology has earned its positive reputation because we go out of our way to provide truly exceptional service to each of our clients. We understand that often face to face consultation is preferable and you may have come across this website and not be based in the midlands. The below are those who I trust will do an exceptional Job, if you are located in their area please contact them.




Area Covered: Headquarters in London, UK,

Practising with athletes, performers and teams from around the world, Pete works with clients on the psychological dimension of their sport, business or performance-based endeavours. 
He is registered with the British Psychological Society as a Sport Psychologist in Training, so all interactions and advice are underpinned by credible training programs and scientific literature. No smoke and mirrors. Just conversations, tools and ideas underpinned with evidence.




Area Covered: Oxfordshire based

Tufton Sport Psych offers psychological support to both professional and amateur athletes of all ages and capabilities. In sport, psychological support can help you in developing your mental skills to maintain focus, achieve your optimum state for performance, manage emotions under pressure, set achievable goals and develop positive relationships within your team. In exercise, psychological support can help you to maintain motivation, manage your exercise behaviour, and achieve your health and lifestyle goals. Tufton Sport Psych can also provide counsel for good mental health and well-being by offering a non-judgemental sounding block and support for the more challenging times that we all face in our lives.

Tufton Sport Psych incorporates a person-centred approach, using a range of counselling techniques and psychological skills to assist individuals in becoming the best that they can be, as both a person and an athlete. Available for one-to-one consultations, team consultations, informative presentations and interactive workshops
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Area Covered: Buckinghamshire

Chloe offers psychological support services to individuals and teams wishing to improve performance or well-being across various domains including sport, exercise, business and general well-being or performance settings. Chloe has worked with athletes in various sports including golf, triathlon, swimming, rowing, tennis, athletics, lacrosse, equestrian sport, netball, football and table tennis - at every level from touring professional golfers and athletes representing Great Britain, to keen amateurs looking to maximise their potential and enjoyment.


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