Performance Profiling with a twist

Profiles should not reduce members of your team to narrow descriptions of personality used simply to explain unhelpful a behaviour but should instead create a meaningful understanding of individuals, enhance team work and highlight strengths and development opportunities. I am delighted, therefore, to have established a relationship with Mindflick Ltd and endorsement to provide training using their Spotlight Profile.

This powerful personality profile helps an individual to gain a deep understanding of their prefered mindset and behavioural style. Based uniquely on Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory and Big 5 personality theory, this profile helps to maximise an individuals performance by utilising their strengths sweet-spot and learning to COPE and FLEX their behaviour to changing contexts.



The value of high performing teams has long been recognised by leaders and managers alike, but such high performing teams can be tough to find and even tougher to build. Building on the preferences from Spotlight, SpotlightTEAMS allows leaders and managers to capture current performance levels, identify strategic development and growth areas, then re- assess and adapt over time to build a high performing team.

This profile will help you to capture the level of psychological safety within your team and also to explore the dynamics that impact the effectiveness within your team. From here you will be able to identify strategies that will improve performance. 

Growing effective team dynamics relies on creating the right enabling conditions, with cutting edge research demonstrating that high performing teams grow and maintain high levels of ‘psychological safety’ 

  • Building high levels of challenge, combined with high levels of support;

  • Fostering a sense of stability and clarity, paired within adaptability and agility;

  • Developing effective processes, whilst maintaining an openness to possibilities;

  • Encouraging risk-taking whilst ensuring a sense of security; 

In growing these dynamics, teams develop a greater sense of cohesion and engagement, driving high levels of performance in dynamic environments. 


Sam Woods Performance Psychology